How to get 7 in IELTS in wrting?

7  ways of improving IELTS writing

  1. Plan your writing. Some candidates write without comprehending the topic. A candidate may not get sufficient scores until he or she understands the topic. It is usually seen that candidate write more creatively and less professionally. Writing is an art and it takes time to become a disciplined writer.(


  1. Apt grammar is a key to success. Unfortunately, candidates hold the notion that it is just a free style writing. Thus, no efforts are required.


  1. Coherence in writing is a key to success. Coherence means relevant writing where there is not room for informal words, absurd reasoning and unsuitable words. For instance, there is a difference between the words mitigate and decline. The former will be used for emotions more

         For Example: This will mitigate your growth. (wrong)

              This will decline your growth (right)

        4) A candidate should work upon meaningfulness of words and lines.

For example: I like your efforts, is a wrong line.  Whereas, I value your efforts is a right line.


The more sorted and streamlined your writing is, the more scores you will receive.




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