General module 

Task 1: 20 min (formal or informal or semi formal letter) Task 2:

 40 min (Essay writing) 


t has three parts Part 1 – Introduction and questions related to our day to day life

Part 2- A Cue Card means that one topic is given and a candidate has to speak on the topic constantly for around 2 min 

Part-3 Discussion based on a Cue Card 8 to 10 questions are asked in Total test time ( 2 hours 44 minutes) 

Page 4 Listening module In listening, a candidate has to handle

Listening module 

In listening, a candidate has to handle multiple choice, short answer questions, flowchart, sentence completion, classification, and much more. 

Important notes on listening 

1 listening has a monologue or a dialogue.

2 it is played once only. 

3 Candidate should have good hold on language. 

4 More phrases one knows, the better one can connect to listening 

5 Section four requires more speed as compared to other sections. 

6 A candidate should be good at grammar too 

7 Multiple choice questions are more tricky. 

8 Focus on keywords.

9 Reading a question twice benefits a candid.

10 Be a patient listener.


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