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For many, shopping malls are great places to spend their leisure time and meet others. However, in the past visiting shopping malls was necessary. what is your opinion?

Large shopping malls are both of great attraction and need. From past to the contemporary society, people majority have chosen going to malls for hard-core shopping more and less for leisure activities. Thus, I vehemently advocate the notion that very small proportion of population goes to mall for self- pleasure and entertainment.

In the hectic life, where working professionals and homeworkers get free time on weekends, are eager to do shopping. They purposely opt to go to malls as everything is available under the same roof unlike local markets, where people have to walk more. shops are at more distance in such markets. Therefore, I am convinced by the idea that except some immature teenagers, nobody else goes to mall for leisure activities in fact, time is money these days. To bolster my view further, I would like to state that in urban cities, people meet their dear ones preferably, in their favourite restaurants and sports clubs. For instance, for having cosy time with friends and close ones, one will arrange bore fire at terrace or in an open area. Instead, being in hustle and bustle of malls. Introspecting more on that, I would say except some immature teenagers, rest all buyers are shopping oriented.

As time is money these days, wasting valuable time in shopping malls doesn’t prevail in urban cities The opposite perception of this topic throws a light on some who are deliberately go to indoor shopping centres to kill time and have fun. If not young professionals, College goers and retired population, during boring hours of afternoon, go to malls for a cup of coffee or a leisure walk. Besides, to explore modern and fashionable life, some amateur designers frequently go to malls

Eventually, in highly fast paced life, very rarely people waste time in malls if they do not intend to shop .Trend of casual visit to malls for amusement is seldom seen. To reiterate, massive population has least interest in going to malls until they are truly in need of buying products.


Vocabulary to be noticed

  • Hectic life
  • Urban cities
  • Immature buyers
  • Cosy time
  • Amateur
  • Fast paced life
  • Massive population

Conclusion:  IELTS Writing requires patience and patience require a good planning.

Follow some steps to become a profoud writer

  1. Do proofreading for your essay.
  2. check spelling errors.
  3. Think before you write
  4. Add more proverbs and idiomatic expressions.
  5. Move from basic to advanced vocabulary.

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